chargeurs lithium acedis

For charging :

A range of chargers froms 6V to 48V, CE certified. For LIFEPO4 et Li-Ion batteries.

For electrical management :

A BMS (Battery Management System) range every voltage and intensity. Suitable for LIFEPO4 and Li-iON technologies for all kinds of assemblies.

BMS lithium acedis
bac batteries lithium acedis

To swith to lithium :

ABS trays with lids. In lead-acid sealed battery standard formats to accommodate your battery assemblies.

For finishing touches and protection :

Self-adhesive protective sheaths, heat-shrink sheaths and self-adhesive foam sheaths. Of all sizes for the completion of your packs.

protection lithium acedis
composants lithium acedis

For assembly and wielding:

Cell separators and single or double connection bars in nickel suitable for 18650 and 26650 sizes with or without holders.